Purity Effects


Why don't you offer power supplies or attachment options?

While I considered offering power supplies or various things such as velcro or rubber feet, I decided not to - the majority of guitarists already have 9V negative tip power available. Additionally, some guitarists use velcro for their pedalboards, some hard mount their pedals with screws, and some use rubber feet. These products can easily be found at home improvment stores or online retailers at minimal cost.

Why do you write Bible verses inside your pedals?

Not everyone loves Jesus and I get that. These pedals were not designed with the intention of being used exclusively by Christians. With that being said, my faith is an integral part of who I am, and that part of me flows over into my designs.

If this is something that you find upsetting or offensive, I would be happy to make recommendations for other pedal builders depending on your needs.